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Looking for "Sexuality" - The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart RPS [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Looking for "Sexuality" [Aug. 6th, 2014|05:39 pm]
The Daily Show RPS


Hello wonderful people of this community. I come from the future and I am very, very desperate. I have joined the TDS fandom only recently (faaaaaaaar too late) and I started reading Lady_Vanilla's fic "Sexuality". Only, the last few chapters of the fic are friendslocked in her journal, and I don't think she's going to answer my friend request any time soon.

So if any of you are still around and could help me out by sending me the fic (or any other good D/s fics ;D) I would be eternally grateful and instantly turn into the happiest puddle of melted kitten-goo the internet has ever seen.

(And if you don't have the fic but know of any other comms where I could ask for it that would be cool, too.)

From: bojun
2014-11-14 08:28 pm (UTC)


Hi,I'm actually looking for the same fic. Have you found it?
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[User Picture]From: listenliketrees
2014-11-14 10:50 pm (UTC)

Re: hello

I'm afraid I haven't. :( It's good to know that there are others looking for it, though. :p If I ever get my hands on it, I'll let you know.
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From: bojun
2014-11-16 03:17 pm (UTC)

Re: hello

yeah,it's great to know I'm not the only one looking for this fic, although I doubt if we ever gonna find it. :(
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